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Mobile applications to help you lose weight

It may be hard to believe, but 10 years from now, there will probably be available rice-sized sensors that can be implanted below the skin in your arm, which transmit data regarding your medical condition to your state-of-the-art cellphone. Then the cellphone will alert you, or your doctor, of anything that seems to be going wrong.

Already there are medical applications for cellphones that can perform a basic electrocardiogram if you hold the phone over your chest, and monitor blood glucose levels in diabetics.

We wrote about mobile medical applications a few months ago here in Mais Saúde, and today we are going to discuss just one popular type of medical app—those that help you lose weight. They help you keep track of your calories during your day, as you enter everything you consume on your phone.

In 2012, Northwestern University (Chicago, USA) released a study showing that these apps can be more effective than dieting without using an app, or just attending weight reduction classes. The researchers followed 69 adults over a year, and found that those using a mobile apps lost an average of 4 kg. more than those not using an app.

Here are some of the popular apps available in Portuguese:


Free on Android and iOS. In Portuguese with Brazilian foods. Great graphic interface and easy to use. Highly rated. Shows you at any point in the day how you are doing on target calories, fat, protein, carbohydrate, fiber, etc, as well as water intake (drinking lots of water helps you lose weight by making you feel fuller).


Free or $.99 on iOS and Android. In Portuguese with many Brazilian home-cooked foods. Graphics and interface not as advanced as TecnoNutri.

Medida Certa

Free on iOS and Android. In Portuguese, and popular as “seen on Fantásico” (TV Globo) Users can share with other users on Twitter and Facebook, but some complaints that the app does not deliver what it promises, and is slow and prone to crash.

Here are 2 of the top-rated apps available in English only:


Free on iOS and Android. Probably the most highly rated weight loss app in the USA.


Free on iOS and Android. Includes an exercise tracker that can record your daily activities, and more of a fun, game-like interface.

So select one and try it for a day or two and see how you like it. If you don’t like it so much, try another. Once you choose, try to be conscientious, and there is a good chance it will help you achieve your target weight.

Two other points to keep in mind that are important in dieting: don’t sit still in one place more than 30 minutes without getting up and moving around, and drink lots of water throughout the day. That will help you feel full, with zero calories.

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