• breastfeed

    Breast-fed babies have higher IQs

    Recent research has shown that breastfed children measure significantly smarter on IQ testing at 3 and 7 years. Some of the many other benefits to both the health of the child and the mother are listed.

  • TV crianca

    Care of the mental health of your child

    Children who were physically disciplined appear to have a higher rate of both mental and physical diseases as adults. Also, a Google research study showed more children were searching for information on child abuse on google.com during the recent bad economic times in the US, likely reflecting a higher rate of abuse.

  • vitamina D

    The importance of vitamin D during pregnancy

    Vitamin D is becoming increasingly known amongst doctors as more and more important to prevent various types of diseases, yet vitamin D deficiency is common. Today we discuss the special importance of adequate vitamin D in pregnant women, and for women trying to become pregnant.

  • jolie cancer mama

    How physical activity can decrease the risk of breast cancer

    Women who exercise (even by doing physical chores at home or walking) can lower their risk of breast cancer by up to 30%. Recent research suggests the reason is that exercise improves the ratio of “good” estrogen to unhealthy estrogen.

  • mulher correndo

    New research about breast pain during exercise

    The University of Portsmouth (England) has researched the problem of breast pain in women when they exercise, and they have published some online materials that should be helpful. Many women, especially those with larger breasts, note discomfort while exercising, but a well-fitted sports bra will help the large majority.

  • genero

    Women and men get sick in different ways

    There is a new medical discipline called “gender medicine,” which describes how women and men differ in their symptoms of the same disease, how they respond differently to certain treatments, and so forth. Examples are presented in the post.

  • omega 3

    Pregnant women taking omega-3 supplements deliver healthier babies

    Pregnant women who took supplements of DHA (a component of omega-3 fatty acids) during the last half of their pregnancy delivered healthier babies, and with fewer pre-term deliveries. DHA sources are discussed.

  • woman exercise

    Lazy about exercising every day? Read this.

    Women who worked out only two or four times a week (aerobic/ weight training) had the same overall fitness benefits as women who worked out six times a week. The best overall performers were the women who worked out four times per week.