• bully

    What happens when childhood bullies grow up?

    Research from North Carolina (USA) shows that children who are bullied, and also children who bully, show greater levels of physical and mental disease when they reach young adulthood. Bullying is a costly public health problem, and ways to decrease it are highlighted.

  • sorriso cafe

    Is coffee an anti-depressant?

    Research from the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that coffee drinkers have a significantly lower risk of suicide than non-coffee drinkers. Other studies have also suggested that coffee has an anti-depressant effect.

  • stress

    Do you think stress is adversely affecting your health?

    A recent study in the European Heart Journal showed that if people thought that stress in their life was adversely affecting their health, that they were probably correct. Ways to decrease stress, and useful links are presented.

  • exodus

    Largest Gay Cure organization in U.S. closes down

    While the Brazilian Human Rights Commission just approved the “gay cure”, the largest and most-established Christian “gay cure” organization in the United States just closed down, admitting their treatment does not work. A number of other experts, including the World Health Organization, have also denounced the “gay cure”.

  • saindo armario

    Coming out is good to your health, says Canadian Study

    A study at the Center for the Study of Human Stress in Montreal Canada showed that gay, lesbian, and bisexual young adults who were “out” were healthier, psychologically and physically, than matched LGB individuals who were still “in the closet”.

  • Woody Allen

    Woody Allen and hypochondria

    Hypochondriasis is a common anxiety related disorder, where the sufferer is overly atuned to bodily symptoms, and assumes each one means the worst. Treatment involves finding a doctor whom you trust who actually listens to you, talk therapy, and sometimes anti-depressent medication. Avoiding checking the internet compulsively is difficult but helps!

  • woody allen

    Your relationship: when the honeymoon period is over

    Good health requires both physical and mental health, and for most people, good mental health is facilitated if one is…

  • facebook-curtir-e-nao-curtir

    Does Facebook encourage narcissism?

    Over the last few years, a number of psychological studies have been published regarding the public’s increasing use of social…