• ortorexia nervosa

    Orthorexia: healthy eating taken too far

    The condition “orthorexia nervosa” is healthy eating taken to an extreme, leading to an excessive obsession with eating only the “right” foods, and sometimes leading to malnutrition as well as social isolation. It is treatable and preventable.

  • idosos-ativos

    How positive thoughts can improve lifespan in older people

    Research studies suggest that negative stereotypes about older people negatively impact their health, and that older people who can overcome these stereotypes can live longer, happier, and more physically capable lives.

  • robbin williams depressao

    What to do if faced with depression

    Robin Willliam’s suicide is a good time to reflect on depression, which is a disease like any other, and is treatable. Brazilians can call 141, 24-hours per day, for anonymous support and someone to talk to.

  • creatividade

    You need some creative ideas? Go for a walk

    Research done at Stanford University showed that college students showed about a 60% increase in creativity after walking compared with sitting in a chair in a room. Companies and individuals can use this effect to their advantage.

  • anorexia

    Nine characteristics of eating disorders in men

    Eating disorders are often thought, both by the public as well as many doctors, as only affecting young girls, but an increasing number of men are being diagnosed. Nine characteristics of ED in men are discussed.

  • mulher malhando

    Exercise before sexual activity can diminish anti-depressant side effects

    Anti-depressant medications frequently cause annoying sexual side effects, but recently published research involving 52 women concluded that a 30-minute session of moderate-intensity exercise soon before sex improves sexual functioning and satisfaction.

  • depression men

    Depression in men; and our Mais Saúde poll results

    Women have traditionally believed to be much more likely to suffer from depression than men, but research just published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry concludes that men and women actually suffer from depression at approximately the same rates.

  • bully

    What happens when childhood bullies grow up?

    Research from North Carolina (USA) shows that children who are bullied, and also children who bully, show greater levels of physical and mental disease when they reach young adulthood. Bullying is a costly public health problem, and ways to decrease it are highlighted.