• low back pain and exercise

    How to prevent low back pain

    An international study described the best way to prevent recurrences of back pain—regular exercise.

  • Stretching before and after exercise

    Stretching: before or after exercise?

    A recently published global study concludes that certain sports and exercises benefit from stretching before, and that dynamic stretching is overall superior to static.

  • HIIT for older people

    High Intensity Interval Training exercise for middle age and beyond

    High intensity interval training is a great advance in exercise, but many people find it too difficult to perform. A program of fast-slow walking developed by Japanese researchers presents an easier alternative, giving many of the benefit of HIIT without the strenuous exertion.


  • caminhar-ajuda-artrite

    Simple measures to control knee arthritis

    A recent research study confirmed that for people at risk of or who have osteoarthritis of the knee, walking at least an hour a day helps diminish symptoms, and the more they walk the better. Another study suggested that women with knee osteoarthritis had less progression of their disease if they drank more low-or non-fat milk. 

  • sol vitamina D

    Keeping healthy bones—Part 2

    Continuing our hints on keeping healthy bones, we suggest green tea, checking your hormone levels, avoiding cigarette smoke and excessive alcohol, and ensuring an adequate calcium and vitamin D intake.

  • ossos elasticos

    Eight tips for healthy bones — Part 1

    We offer the first four of 8 tips for healthy bones, including weight-bearing exercise, jumping, avoiding being too thin or drinking too much coffee.

  • scoliosis

    What is adult-onset scoliosis?

    Adult-onset scoliosis is a curvature of the spine that is common as we get older. Measures to prevent and treat this condition are discussed.

  • broccoli

    Eating broccoli is helpful in avoiding osteoarthritis

    Recent research reported in the journal Arthritis and Rheumatism suggests that eating broccoli, which contains sulforaphane, may well help fight osteoarthritis. Other hints to avoid arthritis and protect your joints are also listed.