• abocate

    Another good reason to eat avocados

    Avocados have recently been shown to lower the levels of the bad form of cholesterol, LDL, along with many other health benefits that we list.

  • acucar e pressão

    What has more effect on blood pressure: salt or sugar?

    While salt has long been considered the biggest dietary villain in the development of high blood pressure, a recent report in the British Medical Journal suggest that sugar in our diet might be a greater hazard. Processed food is a huge source of sugar, as well as salt.

  • erva mate

    Is Yerba mate tea healthy or harmful?

    Yerba mate tea has been extensively studied over the past 20 years, giving mixed results about whether the drink is healthy or not. There is a consensus that heavy users of hot mate have an increased risk of certain cancers, but that might be due to factors other than the mate itself. We discuss ways to make mate drinking safer.

  • suco-acucar

    Fruit Juice vs. Soda: which is healthier?

    Boxed fruit juices and sugared sodas are equally loaded with simple sugars, and both are approximately equally unhealthy. Healthier alternatives are discussed.

  • sopa de galinha saude

    Chicken soup for colds: folklore or science?

    The benefit of chicken soup during viral infections is more than folklore. There are multiple scientific studies supporting its benefits.

  • dieta paleo

    Is the Paleo Diet right for you? Part 2

    While the paleo diet may be good for some people, it has some potential long-term negative effects for your body and for the environment. A modified paleo diet—adopting the best features of the diet and ignoring others—may be the best approach.

  • dieta paleo

    What is the Paleolithic Diet?

    The latest international diet craze is the paleo (Paleolithic) diet, that advocates that we change our diet to one that was typical 10,000 years ago. It has much good about it, but whether it is good for you depends on your organism and circumstances.

  • limonada

    How to turn a caiparinha into a healthy beverage

    As an alternative to boxed fruit juices, try making your own limeaid at home. Limes are full of vitamin C, as well as some unique antioxidants that appear to remain active in your body for up to 24 hours, much longer than those from chocolate or tea.