• iceberg lettuce

    How to super-power your salad

    Iceberg lettuce is poor in nutritional benefit. Romaine is much better, and the general rule is to buy the darkest, thickest, crispest leaves you can find. Ingredients such as spinach leaves, nuts, and seeds will super-power your salad.

  • legumes

    The best way to cook vegetables is…

    There is no one ideal way to cook vegetables, but overall, microwave cooking retains the most nutrients. Various hints are given to maximize healthy cooking.

  • chia

    The amazing power of chia seeds

    Chia seeds have recently been heralded as a “superfood” and indeed that label seems appropriate. Chia is loaded with antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, minerals, protein, and calcium, and can be added to most any food as a nutritional boost. It appears to be superior to flaxseeds.

  • legumes

    Are vegetarians healthier?

    A large study of over 73,000 men and women showed that vegetarians had an overall 12% lower risk of dying during a six-year period than non-vegetarians. Men showed a stronger health benefit than women when considering cardiovascular diseases.

  • cacau

    Five hints how to eat chocolate without guilt

    Chocolate is a healthy food, but you should stick to the highest content cocoa chocolate you can find (above 65%), and not eat too much. Other hints are given within the post.

  • cancer

    Antioxidants supplements might conflict with cancer treatment

    Taking antioxidant supplements during cancer chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy might decrease the effectiveness of those treatments.

  • celula cancerosa se dividindo

    Diet may influence cancer recurrence

    Frequently here in Mais Saúde, we discuss dietary measures you can take that will decrease your risk of getting cancer,…

  • bill clinton vegano

    Bill Clinton and his vegan diet

    Bill Clinton, the U.S. president who left office in 2000, was known for his tremendous love of junk food. There…