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    Is coffee an anti-depressant?

    Research from the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that coffee drinkers have a significantly lower risk of suicide than non-coffee drinkers. Other studies have also suggested that coffee has an anti-depressant effect.

  • legumes

    Are vegetarians healthier?

    A large study of over 73,000 men and women showed that vegetarians had an overall 12% lower risk of dying during a six-year period than non-vegetarians. Men showed a stronger health benefit than women when considering cardiovascular diseases.

  • As sementes de linhaca

    Eating vegetable fats improves survival of men with prostate cancer

    A recent large research study on men diagnosed with prostate cancer showed that if these men ate more vegetable fats (such as from olive and canola oil and nuts) and less animal fats, their chance of surviving the tumor increased significantly.

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    Beets can significantly lower blood pressure

    Beets have been shown in several studies to lower blood pressure. A recent study from London demonstrated a significant drop in pressure that persisted for 24 hours after drinking a cup of beetjuice. How to best prepare beets is discussed.

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    Where the germs hide in your kitchen

    The global non-profit organization NSF International has just released a report detailing the areas in the kitchen (typically the dirtiest room in the house) where germs are most likely to hide. These areas for special attention are listed in the post.

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    Mobile applications to help you lose weight

    Health-related mobile applications are becoming more and more common, and research has shown that they can help if you are trying to lose weight. Several apps are briefly reviewed.

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    Five hints how to eat chocolate without guilt

    Chocolate is a healthy food, but you should stick to the highest content cocoa chocolate you can find (above 65%), and not eat too much. Other hints are given within the post.

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    A good night’s sleep can help you lose weight

    A carefully designed study of 16 young, healthy men and women showed that even five days of inadequate sleep—five hours or less per night—led to poorer eating habits and weight gain of close to one kg.