• arm biceps

    Five hints to get better results from weight training

    To get best results from weight training, first warm up properly, then mentally concentrate on the specific muscle you are working, keep breathing and ensure your form and positioning is correct. Slowing down significantly on the negative (eccentric) motion helps protect against injury and leads to more rapid muscle growth.

  • caminhar

    Short walks after meals best to control blood sugar

    A small well-conducted research study showed that the best program to reduce blood sugar increases after meals was to take short 15 minute walks, at an easy to moderate pace, soon after finishing each meal. This program decreases the risk that pre-diabetics will advance to full diabetes.

  • correndo

    Which is better for you: running or walking?

    Recent studies have compared the health benefits of walking and running. Running showed better results for losing weight. But for control of blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and heart disease, walking was as good – or even better – than running.

  • mulher correndo

    New research about breast pain during exercise

    The University of Portsmouth (England) has researched the problem of breast pain in women when they exercise, and they have published some online materials that should be helpful. Many women, especially those with larger breasts, note discomfort while exercising, but a well-fitted sports bra will help the large majority.

  • alongamento

    Pre-workout stretching may not be good for you

    More and more exercise research is questioning whether or not static stretching before exercise is beneficial. Many studies are showing it is not, and we present two recent studies showing decreased muscle performance following pre-workout stretching.

  • neymar-cabecada

    Soccer ball heading may lead to brain damage

    There is growing concern about chronic head injury in certain sports, and a recent study on girl soccer players demonstrated a subtle drop in mental functioning. Until more is known, soccer players concerned about optimal mental performance should probably minimize heading.

  • memoria

    Exercise and memory

    Regular aerobic exercise (even brisk walking) seems to improve memory function, but some people, based on what genes they posses, get more of a boost from exercise than others.

  • correndo

    Exercise seems to protect against prostate cancer

    In this study, men who were moderately to highly physically active were 53% less likely to have prostate cancer than more sedentary men, and the cancers in those who exercised tended to be less aggressive. Black men however did not seem to benefit from a decreased risk of prostate cancer with increased exercise levels.