• cérebro exercício

    Your brain after exercise

    Human and animal research shows that aerobic exercise helps balance cerebral neurotransmitters, improving learning and mood.

  • ideal amount of exercise per week

    What is the ideal amount of exercise per week?

    Two large studies were done with the purpose of determining the amount of exercise per week that would be ideal to reduce the risk of early death. We list the percentage reduction for light exercisers all the way to extreme exercisers.

  • HIIT for older people

    High Intensity Interval Training exercise for middle age and beyond

    High intensity interval training is a great advance in exercise, but many people find it too difficult to perform. A program of fast-slow walking developed by Japanese researchers presents an easier alternative, giving many of the benefit of HIIT without the strenuous exertion.


  • gene homem

    How exercise changes our genes

    Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm performed a study showing how exercise changes the functioning of the genes in our muscles, and found over 5000 changes on the outside of the muscle cell gene after 3 months of exercise.

  • musica HIIT treino

    How to improve your performance in HIIT trainings

    High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has many benefits over traditional moderate intensity aerobic exercise, but is demanding and might be unpleasant. Research has shown that listening to your own music playlist during HIIT might make the experience less unpleasant, and give better physiological results.

  • dente ruim na atleta

    What is the connection between exercise and bad teeth?

    Competitive athletes have poorer dental condition compared with non-athletes, and the reason has to do with changes in the salivary flow and pH during exercise. Athletes need to pay special attention to their dental care to avoid problems.

  • em pe mais saudável

    Standing up is healthier for your body

    Two recent studies published in the medical literature support the idea that it is healthier for your body—and even your DNA—if you spend less time sitting and more time standing.

  • mente na musculacao

    Secret of a good weight training

    People working out with weights often focus more on moving the weight or what is happening around them, but this will not give them the best results. You need to use the power of your mind-body connection instead.