• walking for health

    How adjusting the time you take walks can help control your blood sugar

    Research published in the journal Diabetes Care showed that to optimize sugar levels and glucose metabolism, short walks of 15 minutes after meals is best.

  • dogs oxytocin

    How contact with dogs may increase our love hormone levels

    Recent scientific research shows that dog owners experience a rise in oxytocin hormone levels after eye contact with their pet dogs. Oxytocin has been called the love hormone. Increased levels can improve our physical and mental health.

  • beauty products menopause

    Common beauty products may lead to early menopause

    A large study of over 31,000 women showed that women with greater exposure to certain chemical contaminants found in certain beauty and household products experienced menopause 2 to 4 years earlier than they would have without that exposure.

  • fome emocional

    What to do when your hunger is emotional hunger

    Emotional hunger can cause eating foods for the purpose of smoothing over some stress or negative emotions; this is different that physical hunger. We discuss ways to deal with emotional hunger.

  • ortorexia nervosa

    Orthorexia: healthy eating taken too far

    The condition “orthorexia nervosa” is healthy eating taken to an extreme, leading to an excessive obsession with eating only the “right” foods, and sometimes leading to malnutrition as well as social isolation. It is treatable and preventable.

  • vegana diabetes

    Help for diabetics with nerve problems

    Diabetic neuropathy is common in diabetics and often gives symptoms of pain and numbness; symptoms often difficult to treat. Two small research studies conclude that going on a low-fat, high fiber vegan diet might give significant symptom relief in these sufferers.

  • dieta paleo

    Is the Paleo Diet right for you? Part 2

    While the paleo diet may be good for some people, it has some potential long-term negative effects for your body and for the environment. A modified paleo diet—adopting the best features of the diet and ignoring others—may be the best approach.

  • dieta paleo

    What is the Paleolithic Diet?

    The latest international diet craze is the paleo (Paleolithic) diet, that advocates that we change our diet to one that was typical 10,000 years ago. It has much good about it, but whether it is good for you depends on your organism and circumstances.