• young women ignore heart attack symptoms

    Younger women often ignore heart attack symptoms

    A study sponsored by the American Heart Association found that younger women often don’t recognize when they are having symptoms of a heart attack. We list the common symptoms and discuss who is at special risk.

  • acucar e pressão

    What has more effect on blood pressure: salt or sugar?

    While salt has long been considered the biggest dietary villain in the development of high blood pressure, a recent report in the British Medical Journal suggest that sugar in our diet might be a greater hazard. Processed food is a huge source of sugar, as well as salt.

  • musica HIIT treino

    How to improve your performance in HIIT trainings

    High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has many benefits over traditional moderate intensity aerobic exercise, but is demanding and might be unpleasant. Research has shown that listening to your own music playlist during HIIT might make the experience less unpleasant, and give better physiological results.

  • sal

    How salt reduction can be good for your health

    Most people in industrialised countries consume more salt per day than is recommended by health experts. Here we list practical ways to reduce your salt intake.

  • cacau em DAP

    The benefits of dark chocolate for your arteries

    Researchers studied the ability of people with peripheral arterial disease to walk on a treadmill, and they found that after eating dark chocolate, they were able to walk further, but that milk chocolate did nothing.

  • hipertensao-do-avental-branco2

    Seven reasons for falsely elevated blood pressure readings

    As many as 20% of people have “white coat hypertension” in which their pressure is artificially raised when they are around doctors. This post reviews other factors that can raise your pressure artificially, and what you can do about them.

  • parada-cardiaca

    The symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest

    “Sudden cardiac arrest” is a sudden electrical disturbance of the heart, and for a person to survive, he must be treated within a few minutes. Previously it was thought this problem came without warning symptoms, but a recent study found over half of sufferers did have symptoms up a month before the event.

  • hipertensao

    Most people with high blood pressure don’t know it

    A global study of 142,042 people showed that only 46% of those with high blood pressure were aware of their condition, and only about 33% being treated have their pressure adequately controlled. Those not adequately controlled need follow-up to change therapy.