• ecigarette

    Are e-cigarettes truly harmful?

    E-cigarettes have become a popular alternative to regular cigarettes throughout much of the world, although ANVISA (the Brazilian health authority) has banned sale in Brazil. Most likely they are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes but much more research is needed.

  • glymphatic

    How sleep can help clean your brain

    Recent research studies have pointed to a new reason we need adequate sleep—to clear out the metabolic waste products our brains accumulate during waking hours.

  • pessoas felizes

    Research shows older people are happier and less tired than younger people

    Research from the London School of Economics and Political Science showed that persons over 65 reported being less tired than younger people. Other studies have shown that older people are also happier.

  • exame

    Do you avoid getting needed medical tests? You are not alone.

    Many people avoid getting recommended medical tests, mostly out of fear, and due to the uncertainty while waiting for the results. First contemplating the pros and cons of a test increases the chance a person will actually take the test.

  • cerebro estimulado

    Six ways to keep your brain stimulated

    The more brain stimulation a person receives during a lifetime, the slower the mental decline as the person ages. “Cognitive reserve” is described, along with creative ways to stimulate your brain. Frequently varying your habits is a good approach.

  • stress

    Do you think stress is adversely affecting your health?

    A recent study in the European Heart Journal showed that if people thought that stress in their life was adversely affecting their health, that they were probably correct. Ways to decrease stress, and useful links are presented.

  • mindfulness

    Mindfulness meditation part 3: The practice

    In this final part of our mini-series on meditation, we give hints on how to do it, how to get help, and what to do if you find you just cannot do it. The important thing is to find at least 5 or 10 minutes of quiet time daily to allow your brain to “reset”.

  • meditation

    How to practice mindfulness meditation

    You might think of your brain as a super-complex computer, and, just like a computer, your brain needs an occasional rest and a restart to function clearly and well. Mindfulness meditation is somewhat like a restart for your brain.