• caminhar-ajuda-artrite

    Simple measures to control knee arthritis

    A recent research study confirmed that for people at risk of or who have osteoarthritis of the knee, walking at least an hour a day helps diminish symptoms, and the more they walk the better. Another study suggested that women with knee osteoarthritis had less progression of their disease if they drank more low-or non-fat milk. 

  • 100 anos de vida

    If you could live to be 100 years?

    A large UK study showed that many people dying at over age 100 died relatively suddenly, without debilitating chronic disease, while those in their 80s and 90s were more likely to die of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Some longevity factors are suggested in the post.

  • creatividade

    You need some creative ideas? Go for a walk

    Research done at Stanford University showed that college students showed about a 60% increase in creativity after walking compared with sitting in a chair in a room. Companies and individuals can use this effect to their advantage.

  • gravida estresse

    Study shows stress can decrease fertility

    A study of 401 otherwise healthy women aged 18 to 40 found that those who were at the top 1/3 of stress levels, as measured by a salivary enzyme, were about twice as likely to fail to become pregnant within a year of trying, compared with women at the low end of stress.

  • meditation at Google

    The latest rage in the corporate world to improve productivity is meditation

    Mindfulness meditation has become popular in Silicon Valley as a way to help make happier, more focused employees, and companies more profitable. We focus on Google, Inc.

  • mulher malhando

    Three Brazilian secrets about how to live well

    A popular American online newspaper wrote an article “What Brazil can teach the world about living well”, and we review and comment on some of the “secrets”.

  • ecigarette

    Are e-cigarettes truly harmful?

    E-cigarettes have become a popular alternative to regular cigarettes throughout much of the world, although ANVISA (the Brazilian health authority) has banned sale in Brazil. Most likely they are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes but much more research is needed.

  • glymphatic

    How sleep can help clean your brain

    Recent research studies have pointed to a new reason we need adequate sleep—to clear out the metabolic waste products our brains accumulate during waking hours.