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To the Public

 Having a good relationship with a competent and caring doctor is a wonderful thing, and ProcuraMed is here to help you find that.

We developed ProcuraMed as a site super-easy to use even for novice users. It was made to maximize simplicity and at the same time functionality, with minimal effort or confusion.

ProcuraMed is based on the patient's right to access basic information about doctors and medical centers. We believe the more you know, the easier it is for you to find the medical care that fits your needs.

ProcuraMed has basic information on most physicians registered in the CFM (Federal Council of Medicine). Doctors who are subscribers to our site have more space to post information about themselves and their practices. On ProcuraMed you will find important information regarding doctor-subscribers that you will not find in most guides.

For example, say you need to find a dermatologist to look at a spot on your skin, which happens to be a skin cancer. If you use the online guide from your insurance plan, you will find a dermatologist, yes, but when you arrive for your visit a couple weeks later, you may learn that this skin doctor only does cosmetic dermatology. So then you need to see another dermatologist with the skills to treat your skin cancer.

This situation is not uncommon: you need to pay for your first visit, find and schedule another dermatologist, and most important, you lose valuable time in getting treated. ProcuraMed helps protect you from that situation, and many other tools and information on the site helps you find the doctor appropriate for you!

We do not tell you who the best doctors are, but from doctors who subscribe to ProcuraMed and provide information, you get the facts you need to make an intelligent choice, and find the best doctor for you and your family.

On ProcuraMed it is easy to evaluate your doctor, hospital or clinic. You can use our simple, innovative star system and leave comments confidentially. We also preserve the confidentiality of the doctors, so only the doctor being evaluated is able to see his own ratings and commentaries. In the case of hospitals and clinics, everyone can see which institutions received the top ratings.

Health care is a serious business, and ProcuraMed takes our job and your health seriously. We welcome you, and we hope to see you here often.


To the Medical Community

ProcuraMed was designed by a doctor to help the public, but we are equally committed to helping doctors, hospitals and clinics find the patients most appropriate for them. We believe that if a patient has good information about you before arriving in your office, the chance for a successful visit increases substantially.

ProcuraMed was developed to benefit you, when you become a doctor subscriber, in several ways:

1) ProcuraMed provides a simple template and you can fill in whatever information you want. You can tell your patients (and potential patients) details on your training and background (or not), any focus(es) in your practice, as well as the more mundane details such as which insurances you might accept, your office hours, a Google Map, and if you speak other languages, among others.

2) ProcuraMed gives all doctors the chance of being listed on a reliable and well-visited site. Doctors who are not part of insurance plans—if they want their information to appear reliably on the internet—typically need to invest lots of money and headache in creating and maintaining their own site. ProcuraMed does that for you, at a much lower cost and at a much reduced time commitment. Even if you are not an internet star, you can input your data with confidence on our site, by yourself or your office manager.

3) Physicians, hospitals and clinics can receive feedback and comments from their patients, totally confidentially. Unlike other sites, no one else need see the results. You may think public displays of evaluations are wonderful, but, if Brazil is like the U.S., one bad review can negate 20 good ones, and is hard to erase.

Confidentially receiving honest feedback is perhaps the best and most cost-effective way to boost your client-public satisfaction, improve care, and ultimately make you a happier practitioner.

4) In the U.S., insurance companies have successfully diluted and demoted medical doctors so they are now commonly referred to as “health care practitioners" which includes nurses, physical therapists, and so on.  Most online doctor search sites in Brazil, to increase their accesses, list all these “professionals”. ProcuraMed recognizes that medical doctors, due to their special and more rigorous training, deserve their special place in the medical hierarchy. If doctors are not following of what is happening on the internet, the internet may work against them, lowering their status in the public mind.

We have constructed ProcuraMed to be fair to all doctors. For example, when we list doctors, we list them randomly. Each re-load of the page results in a new random order (though doctors with paid listings are listed above basic doctors, and also randomized in there group up top). Lacking such a system, doctors with names more distant down the alphabet are prejudiced. This is only one example of the care we have taken in the construction of ProcuraMed.

ProcuraMed makes it easy for doctors to ethically announce their practice focus and clinic information (including a clinic link if desired), in a modern, clean, and always improving platform.  [See more in "Positive Aspects of Medical Advertising”, CODAME Manual, 2nd edition, 2006.]

Doctors may be listed on ProcuraMed for free, with a basic listing, but we offer two paid plans, that will give you, your patients and potential patients many more benefits. We help you attract the patients that best fit your skills, needs, and profile…and that will be a win for doctor as well as the public.

Who we are

In addition to the men and women who are our graphic designers, web technicians, SEO specialists, programmers, lawyers, media professionals, and doctor contributors, the two founding partners of ProcuraMed are:

David Lawrence Harsany, M.D.
Founder and CEO

After he moved to Brazil in 2009, Dr. Harsany found that in Brazil, unlike in the United States, it was very difficult for the public to find objective information about the training and experience of the doctors here. With a Brazilian partner they developed the site ProcuraMed based on sites that are already common and popular in the United States, but with improvements and adaptations that make ProcuraMed even better than the American sites.

As a child David discovered a mircrocomputer and BASIC programming. He entered Northwestern University Medical School (Chicago) when he was 19, and did his internship and residency at Stanford University in Palo Alto (California). He was one of the managing partners at the Santa Cruz Medical Clinic (Palo Alto Medical Foundation, California) and was president of the Medical Society of the County of Santa Cruz. He remains today a diplomat of the American College of Surgeons and the American Academy of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery and has license to practice medicine in the State of California (License No. G-36783). His love for technology has grown even stronger when he mixed technology with medicine. Dr. Harsany now lives permanently in Brazil.

Paulo Francisco de Andrade Silva
Co-Founder and Marketing Director

Paulo was born in São Paulo and graduated in journalism from Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP) in Bauru. He moved to the United States after college, where he completed advanced English studies in New York City. Later he earned his Master’s Degree in Media from the New School University, also in New York. He has worked in the newspaper O Estado in Florianópolis, and was a correspondent in New York for Drops magazine, and did an internship at o2 Productions in São Paulo. He has experience with the American health care system as well as the Brazilian, and he is devoted to helping bring to Brazil the best features of health care from abroad.





Our Future


The very DNA of our company ProcuraMed is linked to using modern technology in the easiest yet most comprehensive way possible. We are and always will discard ideas and tools that no longer work, and incorporate newer technologies that are better. To that end, we appreciate any suggestions to help us grow better, faster.

ProcuraMed does not schedule appointments and does not interfere or intervene in the doctor-patient relationship. It is the responsibility of the patient to contact the doctor, clinic, or hospital of his choice.
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